Mondo Tragic is a live audio-drama that investigates how shockumentaries (or "mondo" films) from the 60' and 70's shaped a biracial man's racial journey. When the lead character becomes captivated by the prospect of documenting the life of a public figure, he is forced to reckon with memory and fantasy, film and documentary, Blackness and Africaness. Mondo Tragic is a genre-bending, multi-media, socially conscious, an experimental piece exploring form to find "the truth".


A new play written by Daria Kent exploring dissociation, dance and desire. Presented by Fordham University's Studio Series showcasing full-length, daring student written and produced plays in collaboration with professional directors.


This award-winning play by Zimbabwean American actress and playwright Danai Gurira celebrates the women who navigate the nightmare and wreckage of war. In 2003, in the waning days of the Second Liberian Civil War, the captive forced “wives” of a Liberian rebel officer form a hardscrabble sisterhood to take control of their own destiny, drawing on their reserves of defiance, wit and compassion. A chilling, humanizing and surprisingly funny portrait of survival, transformation and renewal.


Adapted from Franz Kafka's short story of the same name, IN THE PENAL COLONY investigates the performance of power, patriarchy and punishment. Three black men convene on an unnamed penal colony and challenge the presumptions of the worth of a human body, asking what does it mean for black male bodies to exist: in the media, when observed, when consumed, when punished.


An adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's acclaimed novel of the same name that uses projections, dance, and an original score to tell the story of how Billy Pilgrim became unstuck in time.