Slaughterhouse-Five - Miranda Haymon
Slaughterhouse-Five - Miranda Haymon

adapted and directed by Miranda Haymon

set design by Silas Newman

props design by Jess Wolinsky

costume design by Sofie Somoroff

light design by Matt Catron

original score by Josh Davidoff

featuring: Russell Goldman, Rose Beth Johnson-Brown, Paola Maseda, Katherine Paterson, Noah St. John, Cheyanne Williams, Eppchez Yes

photos by Maya Dorn and Wilson Lai

p r e s s

"Born as a project at Wesleyan University by director and Hodgepodge co-founder Miranda Haymon, this ambitious adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s acclaimed dark satire delivers an immersive, inventive trip into a scattered, shattered mind."

“Slaughterhouse-Five” is innovative and immersive thanks in large part to its design, which completely sells the sense of being lost in time. The show portrays a variety of scenarios in the past and future through resourceful use of limited props and set dressings, creatively conveying that Billy’s perceptions are corruptions derived from his mind in the present."

“Slaughterhouse-Five runs short, but resonates big."

"...the production is overall a fantastically realized depiction of Billy Pilgrim’s death of communication and rebirth of purpose (not necessarily in that order)."

-John Connor Buckley, MD Theatre Guide

Slaughterhouse-Five - Miranda Haymon
Slaughterhouse-Five - Miranda Haymon